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How your personal brand  is your #1 tool to standing out online and what you should be focusing on in 2023.

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How to identify your Unique Factor & use the Science of Connection to draw people in with visual magnetism. Learn why it's critical to KNOW YOURSELF & how to see YOU.


Secret #3

How emotional resonance and perception increase your bottom line and what you can do TODAY to leverage your personal brand (without being a famous).

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Hi, I'm Nick Onken.

I've created images for some of the world’s global brands like Nike, Reebok, Coca-Cola, Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Cosmopolitan magazine, Gabby  Bernstein, & Tony Robbins  just to name a few...My images have been on billboards, major print magazines, and every seen place you can imagine. Through this, I’ve discovered the key MAGNETISM & how to translate this into visuals in a way that emotionally resonates with an inspires your dream customers.
I realized this is the missing link for those who have a message and want to stand out online; I'm here to help you unlock magnetism through self-expression & self-mastery, and then learn how to visually express that.

"He’s one of the best in the world at capturing powerful moments and a lifestyle that is attractive to the masses, and adds a premium quality to my brand. It’s helped me get on some of the biggest main stream press there is, land high paying speaking gigs, and increases the overall quality of my brand, separating my from everyone else in my industry."

- Lewis Howes,
New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness